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[Success story] - Paul Garcia

14 June 2023 Portrait
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Testimony MSc in Sports and Tourism Management

Nearby 20 years of programme-existence and here some insights from Paul Gracia and his accomplishment of the MSc and steps to his professional career.

I am French-Spanish native, Cohort 25 of Programme Grande Ecole (PGE) and MSc in Sports and Tourism Management (MSc S&TM) Cohort 13 of Rennes School of Business.

Right after graduation, I joined an Irish based online travel agency, Hostelworld, where I quickly grew into my first leadership role as Area Manager, Western Europe & Africa. I then moved to Switzerland to pursue an opportunity at EF Educational Tours, where I currently serve as Procurement Manager for the French Market.

Since my childhood, I love sports and travelling! I have turned those passions into my profession. Those of you who are not interested in a specific business competency, like for example finance, will find with the specialized master an exciting sector-based business approach.

Starting at RSB as a ‘kid’, I left school as a self-confident professional.

Like for my colleagues of the MSc working now at PSG, FFT, Nike, Luxury Hotels, Fouquet's Paris, the programme is a very good preparation for the business world with a great international exposure.

My advice to the younger? Find a good mentor, a professor, a senior manager during your studies and internships, somebody you are looking at and you would like to be like him or her in twenty years. Don’t be shy and ask for their guidance and mentorship.

We recently signed new partnerships with Hotels in Rennes to serve our Tours, so I came to check them out! At the same time, I am back to school. I presented national markets like Ireland and Swiss some years before, and now you invited me to intervene next school year at RSB and the programme MSc S&TM. 

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