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[Success story] - Ryadh Alibhaye

08 June 2023 Portrait
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My name is Ryadh ALIBHAYE and I'm originally from Réunion.

After doing my preparatory classes on my native island, I had the opportunity to discover different towns in France. I was particularly taken by Rennes, its Breton culture and the atmosphere at Rennes SB. That's how I joined the school in 2013 for the PGE programme, as part of Cohort 24.

It was a very rewarding period for me, during which I not only acquired academic skills, but also discovered student associations and, as well as many friendships that still last to this day!

After several interviews, I joined the school's J-E (Junior Entreprise), Bretagne Conseil, and helped develop the communications department with my colleagues Thomas, Solène and Linda.

Later, I did my gap year between Réunion and Paris, between corporate large groups and start-ups, and that's what started to shape my desires and my career.

I did my university exchange in Istanbul, at Koç University, where my horizons opened up even further.

Coming from Réunion, a small island in the Indian Ocean, to study abroad in a huge country like Turkey was an unforgettable experience. In fact, I've kept some very good friends from that period, who now live all over the world.

At Rennes SB, I specialised in a double degree with INSA Rennes, in the MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

I wanted to take on new challenges and I knew that I would soon have entrepreneurial ambitions, so it was the perfect course for me. 

  • Can you tell us a bit more about your business?

My academic and professional career has been shaped by my commercial skills and my aspirations for communication, particularly in digital format.

Very quickly, I was able to get involved in communications and business prospecting, and I realised that I was particularly interested in these subjects.

I worked in start-ups in Paris (as part of my gap year) and in Montpellier (my first position after finishing my studies) and I decided to return to Réunion, my native island, to contribute to the development of digital communication in 2018.

Today, I'm co-founder and manager of an agency specialising in digital marketing, Digital Bilimbis, in Réunion and Mayotte. We're a small team of 9 people and we help businesses based on Réunion Island to grow using online tools: Google, Social Networks, Online Advertising, Content.

Our objectives for each new client :

  1. Increase visibility and awareness through digital marketing
  2. Develop online and offline sales
  3. Build customer loyalty 
  • Have you had any great experiences or opportunities thanks to the Rennes SB Alumni network? 

There are 2 events that particularly impressed me during my studies:

  •  Organising the Négociales (commercial negotiation competition) for the Brittany region with Bretagne Conseil: my first event, which brought together around a hundred people, including professionals and students, for a day at Rennes School of Business.
  • My university exchange in Istanbul, which was an extraordinary opportunity for me. Discovering a new culture, living in a flat with foreigners and studying at a school with an international reputation.

  • Who would you say was your most memorable encounter at Rennes SB?

I've met a lot of people at Rennes School of Business, both French and international, all of whom have contributed to my progress and my open-mindedness.

Special mention for my final year class, my entrepreneurial team: Diane, Naomi, Martin and also my classmates: Alexis, Valentin, Romain, Thibaut and many others.

And then there's Charly, who made my first years at school and in France so much easier!

He's become like a brother. 

  • What values do you uphold in your work?

In my career and my studies, I've always followed the same values.

The first is hard work. I’m familiar with long days and evenings spent working in front of a computer, alone or with my team.

I'm one of those people who always associate 'success' with 'work'. I work in a field where quick riches are often promoted, but first and foremost I'm building an elite team that brings value to our customers all year round, and everyone contributes their 'work' stone to the edifice.

The second value that I never lose sight of is communication.

With my team, my partner Maud Lao-Kan, and our clients, we are committed to developing healthy, open relationships so that we can manage issues before they become a real source of tension and friction.

I like to keep in mind that every human being is fallible, that we have motivational cycles and that sometimes life can get in the way, without this becoming an additional pressure for my teams.

In the end, that's what has always guided me, at school and in my career today. The quest for excellence through performance.

It's linked to the hours spent working, and you want to reap the rewards and make the most of that work. So, for myself first, then for my team and my customers, we develop this ambitious state of mind that brings opportunities.

  • What is your greatest achievement? 

I'm building my greatest success right now through my first company, Digital Bilimbis.

It started with 2 of us in my flat and today we have our own premises and a team of 9 people. It's a dream that's being built step by step, and I'm keeping a cool head so that I can learn all along the way.

One thing's for sure, every new adventure that takes you off your usual, well-trodden path will lead to significant progress in your life, whether it comes to fruition or not, it's often a wonderful adventure.

We'll see how far this project takes us. For the moment, we're happy to be working and developing the agency every day.

Another great achievement for me is being able to combine entrepreneurship and family life, as I've been a dad for almost 1 year now. My greatest personal achievement has to be my son. 

  • What advice would you give to a young graduate who wants to follow in your footsteps?

I'd like everyone to follow this path, because it's a very rewarding one.

I think that above all you have to like people and be comfortable dealing with problems, otherwise building a business may not be ideal.

Entrepreneurship comes with its share of stress, so you have to learn to manage your emotions and use them wisely for your personal balance.

Concentrate on your work, the quality of your product and your relationship with your customers, and the rest will follow!

I'm also open to discussing my career path if I can contribute to the advancement of students at Rennes School of Business. Contact me on LinkedIn: Ryadh ALIBHAYE 

  • Do you have a future project that is close to your heart?

When you start out as an entrepreneur and achieve a few successes, you feel like you're growing wings. You often want to go on and on with projects and successes. I'm in a bit of that phase at the moment and I'd like to continue to democratise digital marketing in Réunion.

I'd like to open a training centre to pass on all the knowledge my team has accumulated over the last 3 years!

We'll see how time permits. I'll certainly keep talking about it on my LinkedIn account as I go along. .

  • Anything else to add ?

My last words will certainly be to pass on to the students and future entrepreneurs of the school that the legend is true...

Work, discipline and projects come to life and can change the course of your life. All you have to do is take the first steps and then don't stop once you've understood how to walk in your environment. 



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