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[Alumni Story] - Qi Ying's Journey at Rennes School of Business

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In September 2009, Qi Ying stepped into the gates of Rennes School of Business, choosing to specialize in International Finance. Her academic journey began at the School of Accounting at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in China, where she learned about the cooperative program between Rennes School of Business and the university through the admissions office. With outstanding grades, she completed all her credits, including the graduation thesis defense, within three years of her undergraduate studies. She became the first student in the history of the School of Accounting at Zhongnan University to graduate early and then went on to study in France.

  • Her Career Development:

After completing her coursework at Rennes, Qi Ying interned for six months in the finance department of the Alcatel-Lucent headquarters in Paris. After her internship, she joined China Telecom in Beijing, where she engaged in research on financial and investment matters of international telecommunications operators. Since 2015, she has been responsible for investor relations and the governance of the 'Three Meetings' at the China Telecom Board of Directors office, currently holding the position of Deputy Director.

  • The impact of Rennes School of Business:

The professional courses and off-campus internship programs at Rennes School of Business provided Qi Ying with an opportunity to combine theory and practice, helping her to translate her knowledge into practical applications. The high degree of internationalization of the students at Rennes School of Business and the trilingual environment of Chinese, English, and French laid a solid foundation for her in international exchanges.

  • Her best memories of Rennes:

Qi Ying fondly remembers her days in Rennes, from the Cidre and Crêpes there, to the stunning scenery of Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay, the magnificence of the Hôtel de Ville de Rennes, and the strict but educational Department Head Tess Taubler (a former NYSE trader). She also cherishes the carefree times spent with her classmates.

  • A message to New Students:

Qi Ying shares her wisdom with new students through a French proverb: "Le monde est un livre dont chaque pas nous ouvre une page." (The world is a book, and every step we take opens a new page.) She encourages new students at Rennes School of Business to start their new chapter, bravely exploring the unknown world. 



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