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Le Point 2023 ranking: Rennes School of Business in the Top 10 best French post-prep business schools

20 February 2023 School
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Rennes School of Business shines in the rankings, coming in at 10th place, integrating the Top 10 French post-prepa business schools.

On 15 February 2023, Le Point published its ranking of the top business schools. To establish the ranking, 37 institutions were evaluated, each having to answer sixty questions. Roughly one hundred parameters were taken into account to establish the ranking, based on six major themes (teaching, international identity, professional development, selectivity, research and academic recognition).


Rennes School of Business gained two places in the ranking compared to 2022 and particularly distinguished itself in the “international” and “social diversity” criteria

Two places gained since the 2022 ranking

Rennes School of Business stands out for its level of professional development (+6 places), its teaching methods (+5 places), and its level of selectivity (+5 places), enabling it to move up two places in comparison to last year’s ranking.


6th place for international identity
International identity, which has been at the heart of the Rennes School of Business DNA for 30 years, continues to be a strong competitive lever with the school ranked 6th in France.


6th place for social diversity
Le Point’s ranking also highlights the cultural and social diversity of schools. It takes into account the number of scholarship students declared to the CEFDG, tuition fees, the percentage of work-study students and the percentage of graduates who have taken a technological preparatory class. It values an equal distribution of students within the programme. Rennes School of Business was also ranked 6th in France on this criterion of social diversity.

"Rennes School of Business is continuing its progress by building on the fundamentals of its Unity strategy launched in 2019: multiculturalism and #Unframed pedagogy. By also strengthening the student experience nourished by an ever larger and more international faculty and the professional development of students in its Programme Grande Ecole. The recognition of the social openness of our programmes also acknowledges our investment in ensuring that talented individuals from any background can come together in our School“, says Thomas Froehlicher, Director General of Rennes School of Business.

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