An active community

Our network lives thanks to the involvement of hundreds of Alumni, in France and abroad. Each graduate is invited to be an actor in the network, simply by using the services or by taking part actively.


Various possibilities

Club Manager
  • Running a Club (thematic or geographic) to unite alumni on a common theme by organizing meetings (afterworks, conferences, etc.)
  • Respond to requests for information from other alumni on the Club's scope
  • Raise the needs of graduates and inform members of the network's services and news
  • Promote exchanges and build bridges with other Clubs and other networks.
Class Ambassador
  • Organize promo anniversary evenings
  • Encourage the participation of its class in events organized by the network
  • Find "lost to follow-up" from his promotion
Career expert

Our alumni career team offers career support to members of the network. As such, you can intervene throughout the year, in different ways:

  • Student coaching (professional project and job search)
  • Mentoring / Sponsorship
  • Animation of career workshops
  • Join the Rennes School of Business Alumni Committee, elected for a 2-year term (from June N to June N + 2)
  • The Bureau is elected by the Committee from among its members


Experience account

We invite you to share your experience with the members of the network:

  • Presentation of your professional background and advice (especially for students)
  • Sharing your business and / or sector expertise
  • Discovery of your company (presentation, visit of the premises ...), brand-employer development