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What could be better than being up to date in our database ?

15 December 2022 Network
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To start this new year, we encourage you to take 3 minutes to update your file in the Alumni Directory.

Why is this important ?


The quality of the information you provide allows you to be more visible to the network's Alumni, but also to be aware of events that are happening near you. If your contact information is not up to date, you may miss information that could be of interest to you. More generally, it allows us all to stay connected and maintain our relationships.


Why do it now ?


Because it literally takes 3 minutes ! Good resolutions start now, great opportunities too, so don't waste time !


How to proceed ?


Connect to your personal space, heading "Complete my profile". Remember to fill in :

  • your contact information: e-mail, telephone, postal address
  • your professional information: current position, company, location

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