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Sponsorship 2024: Alumni, help a student make a difference, get involved

30 November 2023 Network
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Dear Santa, this year I'd like to...create a bond with a student in need!


Give students a gift ๐ŸŽ that makes sense: become their sponsor to help them :

  • find their first job
  • refine their career plans and/or gain a better understanding of an industry sector

It's the wish of all our final-year students...and you have the power to make it come true by becoming the sponsor who will lead them straight into their first professional steps!

The role of the sponsor:

  • Assess the coherence of the student's career plan.
  • Evaluate their job search strategy.
  • Share your experience and knowledge of your profession and sector of activity.
  • Advise students during their first job search and when they take up a new position.


  • January - March 2024: 1st interview to get to know the student
  • April - June 2024: 2nd interview to support and advise the student on his or her project
  • End 2024 : end-of-year assessment (1st position found or job search)

These are the minimum appointments to be scheduled, but you are free to schedule more if you wish!


  • Becoming a"sponsor" is easy. All you need is at least 3 years' professional experience. You can register for the program via your personal space on our website.
  • Sponsorship is primarily offered to students in their final year of studies (PGE 3, BIM 3, MSc), on a voluntary basis. It can be extended to students in other years on request.
  • A range of support materials are provided to guide you in the content of your discussions with the student, and to help you produce a high-quality report.


Thank you in advance for your contribution to the success of this project!



Valรฉrie Alvarado-Zongo (PGE 24), Head of the Africa Social Club, gives us her testimony on the benefits of sponsorship:


๐ŸŽ™"As a Rennes SB Alumni, I decided to get involved in several ways, in particular by deciding to join the sponsorship programme.
Alexandra was my first godchild and I helped her refine her expatriation project to South Korea. I think it's a great opportunity for a student to be able to talk to someone who has a point of view outside their immediate circle.

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