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Select a mentor to boost your job search

24 January 2022 Network
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Students, choose to be supported by an alumni to boost your professional insertion.

Main benefits:

  • To obtain an objective opinion about the professional project and job hunt strategy
  • To benefit from the experience and knowledge of an Alumni working in the targeted position and / or sector
  • To obtain advice when looking for the first job and during the first months in this new professional context

It is also a great opportunity to start building and enlarge your professional network.

More than 100 Alumni volunteered to give time to help final-year students. They registered on our website. To select your mentor, log in to your personal area on our website  and view the profiles available on the mentoring platform.

Important information:

  • Before registration, make sure that your contact information in the database are updated.
  • Respect the comments specified by mentors
  • Interviews with your mentor can be organised physically or online
  • Enclosed: Guidelines to help you throughout the process

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