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Pum'Awards 2024: apply now!

10 June 2024 Network
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Categories rewarded in 2024

The winners in each category will take home a cash prize of €2,500 each.

ENTREPRENEUR: organized by the Club Entrepreneur Rennes SB Alumni, which will support 3 business creation and development projects.

ASSOCIATION: organized in partnership with the Rennes School of Business Foundation, which will reward 2 associative projects.

Like previous winners, you too can try your luck!

Conditions of participation

Be a student or graduate of Rennes School of Business with a business or association creation project (or associated with such a project).

ENTREPRENEUR: Have registered a company in France (or equivalent abroad) for less than 60 months (as of September 16, 2024).

ASSOCIATION: Publication in the Journal Officiel in France 


  • Monday July 15 (12pm Paris Time): closing date for applications
  • Tuesday, September 3: Announcement of finalists selected for oral presentations
  • Tuesday September 17: Finalists' presentations to the Jury (after midday) and Awards Ceremony (evening) in Rennes

How to apply?

Please read the competition rules carefully. Your application must follow the format provided by the organizer.

The deadline for applications is Monday, July 15, 2024, at 12pm (Paris time).

Take part in the awards ceremony

Who will be the 5 winners among the finalists competing in our Pum'Awards 2024 competition? You can find out about the finalist projects and vote for your favourites live at the awards ceremony, to be held in the Rennes Campus auditorium on Tuesday 17 September 2024. We look forward to seeing you there!

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