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Pum'Awards 2023: discover the finalists!

05 September 2023 Network
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The Pum'Awards 2023 - Rennes SB Alumni Reading Committee met to decide which projects would be selected for the final phase of the competition: the presentation to the jury!

Thank you to all the participants for their proposals, and congratulations to the projects that have been selected!

Here are the names of the finalists in the 2 categories:


  • Aerosolution - Designer and distributor of a new generation of aerosol paint cans, using compressed air instead of flammable liquefied gas -> Project led by Thomas BERNAD (MSc IE 2022)
  • Kirae - Kirae uses video games as a training tool to support the development and enhancement of soft skills: from awareness to confidence -> Project led by Lisa FERRER (EMBA 27)
  • NF-Ticket - Nf-Ticket's ambition is to revolutionise ticketing in terms of security and customer experience: a marketplace where event organisers can sell their tickets and a designer of tailor-made applications adapted to different types of event -> Project led by Thomas GENTY, Valentin CASSAO, & Paul BROUSSOULOUX (PGE 30)
  • Nybble - Innovative company specialising in cybersecurity and, more specifically, incident detection and response -> Project led by Sébastien LEHUEDE (EMBA 28) & Gabriel KROPP
  • Ochy - Application for personalised analysis of running movements to reduce muscular tension and improve performance -> Project led by Perrine CHAPOT (EMBA 28), Khaldon EVANS & Victor DEQUIDT
  • Meerabel - Mobile application that allows users to sort their photos in a personalised way thanks to personalised artificial intelligence and a gamified experience -> Project led by Robin COLLET (MSc IE 2019) & Mathieu DEJEAN-SERVIERES


  • Fratern'Ailes - Humanitarian association whose aim is to help primary schools in the Republic of Congo - in particular by providing school textbooks and building safes to store the textbooks -> Project run by Alexandra HERAULT (PGE 33)
  • Les Hôtels Solidaires - The aim of Les Hôtels Solidaires is to collect uneaten foodstuffs and unused furniture from hotels and donate them to charities that help the most disadvantaged -> Project run by Yvan LEBRAS (PGE 22)
  • Talents sur Saône - A new kind of evening showcasing local talent for the benefit of associations helping children/young people and the elderly, broadcast live -> Project run by Pierre PAILLARD (PGE 4)

The finalists are due to attend the Awards Ceremony on the Rennes SB Campus in Rennes on 19 September to present their projects to the Jury.

At the end of the day, 3 winners in the Entrepreneur category and 2 winners in the Association category will be announced.

Reminder of the stakes :

This year, Rennes SB Alumni will be rewarding :

3 business development projects
2 associative projects
3 Alumni who get involved to bring the network to life
The winners in the "Association" and "Entrepreneur" categories will each receive €2,000.

See you soon on the Rennes campus!


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