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[International Story] - Clotilde DARIE LHEUREUX

18 January 2024 Portrait
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After completing a scientific preparatory course for HEC, I joined the school's Program Grande École (PGE) in P19.

Fueled by my passion for photography, I had a fulfilling experience in the student association Warlock (Audiovisual Association) as the head of the photography department.

Driven by my interest in international affairs, languages, and foreign cultures, I quickly realized my desire to work abroad. I adapted my academic path at RSB to pursue this dream. Following a fantastic 6-month exchange program in Melbourne, Australia, I fought to secure a paid internship (a rare commodity at the time) and thus took a one-year gap for business development and marketing in Melbourne.

Confident in my professional aspirations, I decided to pursue a dual degree (MAIB) in my third year, aiming for an internationally recognized qualification and the flexibility to choose my courses.

Upon graduation, I swiftly secured a position in London, UK, with Mondelez International. Ten years later, it remains the only company I have worked for since leaving school. I started as a field sales development executive and quickly transitioned to a role at the headquarters as a project manager for the Chocolate category. I successfully had an internal expatriation to Toronto, covering the same role for Canada and the USA, providing a highly enriching experience. After returning to London, I continued project management for our Dairy Brands before taking on my current role in Marketing as a Product Manager in the same category.

  • Can you tell us about your job?

As a Brand Manager, I oversee a local children's cheese brand. Given that the brand is only present in the UK, unlike the majority of our international brands, my role is highly diversified. I am responsible for managing end-to-end advertising campaigns (briefing, strategy, development, and execution) in close collaboration with our communication and media agencies. I work on the marketing mix and control the financial aspects of our product range to ensure the commercial success of our products while maintaining the brand's profitability.

Collaborating with various functions within the company, I supervise the launch of various initiatives related to our products or packaging, always keeping our environmental commitments in mind.

Lastly, I focus on the long-term strategy for the brand, determining the products to launch to meet consumer expectations, exploring product and packaging innovations, and so on. The food industry is a dynamic field where change is the only constant – being agile and adaptable is crucial.

  • Tell us about a nice moment / an opportunity you had thanks to the Alumni network

Throughout my expatriations, it has always been comforting to know that I could rely on the Alumni network/clubs in all the cities where I have lived.

I am passionate about helping others, so I engage as often as possible with the school by participating in roundtable discussions to share my experiences or serving as a mentor to students, and this brings me a great deal of fulfillment.

  • What's your greatest achievement?

I take great pride in giving my all and successfully achieving all my dreams and ambitions to date. Building a rewarding career across three continents, as I envisioned during my time at school, has been a source of immense satisfaction. I find fulfillment in my professional life and am continually developing myself. I eagerly look forward to crossing the upcoming milestones in my professional journey!

  • What advice would you give to a recent graduate?

▪️ Be open and curious (it has never been easier to access tons of information about the business world, so make the most of it!)

▪️ Expose yourself to as many development opportunities as possible

▪️ Be yourself (in your strengths and weaknesses – it's important to know how to be vulnerable at times!)

▪️ Building relationships is crucial: identify your mentors and people who believe in you within the company/around you and nurture these special connections

▪️ Don't hesitate to reach out to them when needed

▪️ Lastly, remember that most people around you (no matter how experienced or eloquent they may be!) experience imposter syndrome at some point or another.

  • Do you have a hidden talent / passion?

I love experimenting, trying and discovering new things (languages, cultures, sports, manual and creative activities, music, cooking, and the list goes on), so I'm a jack of all trades and an expert in none!

  • The final word?

My motto: "If you can, you must!" Life is short, and I firmly believe that one should seize opportunities when they arise, provided they have the physical and/or mental capacity to do so.

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