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06 October 2021

Innostart: join Rennes SB incubator

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Let’s Join our incubator!

If you like entrepreneurship, if you have a project and you wish to integrate an incubator, this program is made for you ! Mentors, classes, workshops will be part of Innostart.

You don’t have to build up a company but we are here to help you testing your idea and teach you how to transform it into a project or a company.

Program: Mentorship, workshops, unframed competences and project development.

Open for everyone: Innostart is dedicated to Rennes SB students and alumni. You can build up your project in Rennes or Paris and be part of the ecosystem.

Many companies like Newcy, Steeple and Check and visit were part of Innostart. Maybe you’ll be the next one ?

Dedicated assets

Valentin Henry, former P22 is full time dedicated to help you developing your project. He created 3 companies (one during his scholarship in Rennes SB).

Apply to join Innostart 2021-2022

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