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François Chatel: President of Rennes School of Business

14 March 2022 School
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François Chatel, appointed in 2014 for a first term as President of Rennes School of Business, has been re-elected President once again during the AGM of the School, held on Monday 21st February.

During the AGM, the mandates of 16 members of the Supervisory board have been renewed and 10 new members have been appointed.

In the Board of directors, two executive directors joined the former members: Karina Kuzmak and Anne Le Goff, 2 women with a noteworthy career path, completing a team of 6.

The School has recently been qualified a «gem» by the HCERES, "Haut Conseil de l’Évaluation de la Recherche et de l’Enseignement Supérieur". « The entire governance supports with enthusiasm Rennes School of Business, we are proud of this acknowledgement » explains François Chatel, president of Rennes School of Business.

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