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10 November 2021

[Experience Story] - The testimony of Julien FRAVALLO

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  • Can you introduce yourself?

Julien Fravallo, 27 years old, from Lorient and working for more than three years in Paris, addicted to sports and travel. I recently returned from Albania and write this on my flight to Serbia. Yes, I like atypical countries but believe me, we are often very surprised in a good way by what we discover there.

  • What is your academic and professional background?

My academic background is a bit atypical. First of all, I completed a BTS Technico - Commercial in order to start trading following a BAC STID2D (Science and Technique of Industry and Sustainable Development), so really technical sales.
Then, I integrated a Bachelor of Business and International Marketing Manager with a semester in Erasmus in Dublin. It was really a click towards the international side and the mastery of a second language. I did this work-study license as soon as I returned to France, which made it very complete in all aspects. Following that, I decided to take a gap year in order to return to Dublin and work, eventually (always the best for the end) arriving in MSc Global Business Management (Promotion P26) at Rennes School of Business.

On the professional side, I was extremely lucky to have a permanent contract right out of the Masters and not an internship at the end of my studies. Permanent contract with a freight forwarder on Roissy Charles de Gaulle, as an international sales representative in logistics (import-export, air and sea). For 3 and a half years, I was able to learn as much as possible in this SME of 20 employees, giving me international assignments, including trips to New York and Las Vegas to meet our partners. In addition, I was able to manage various interns, a very enriching first experience in management.

Since September 15, 2021, I have been working in an American multinational which is a software publisher, a completely different sector than logistics it must be said, but anything is possible with motivation. The company is called Seismic, and has 1200 employees on 3 continents and 14 cities. In 11 years, it has 4 acquisitions to its credit, positioning it as a leader in its market by being two and a half times larger than our second colleague. I am currently in training for 8-10 weeks, it is a small return to "student mode" if I may say so.

  • How were you able to evolve professionally?

Since leaving school, I have always updated my LinkedIn, I have remained active and open to each connection request in order to expand my network. I regularly received proposals and answered them very carefully, causing my network to grow with a large majority of recruiters, headhunters, recruiting firms ... which is very useful. When I really started to look elsewhere to see "what I was worth" in the market, I already had the relevant contacts.

This desire for change came about naturally because we all know that a first permanent contract is "a foothold in the job market" in order to gain experience, validate achievements and network. By hearing certain salary proposals in larger groups with executive status, the reflection was quickly made.

During the recruitment process for Seismic, I had five interviews over two months. During one of these interviews I was to give a 20-minute presentation (in English of course). I decided to contact an alumnus of the school, Irina Soriano, who is in this company. I must admit that I didn’t particularly look at his title, but only our common school. So I contacted her on LinkedIn and she responded quickly giving me information to prepare for this interview. At the end of the interview, the Paris and London offices mentioned to me that they were aware that I had contacted a VP in New York, I replied "yes, a connection that made my school". They appreciated the process and also explained to me that VP = Vice President.

I must admit that it "helped" directly or indirectly because my job at Seismic is to get in touch with C-Levels or CEOs, so the exercise was done before I even started.

  • What are you proud of today?

What makes me proud, good question! I would say to have done complicated, honorable and respectable trades such as the factory during the school holidays, waiter and large-area cleaning, not to mention door-to-door sales during the gap year to arrive on a managerial position in a multinational at 27, offering me great opportunities. Finally, if I pass the trial period ... 😉

A second point, having a lot of solicitations on LinkedIn, it is always reassuring to know that our profile is of interest, leaving us the choice by always listening to the market.

  • A word to conclude ?

Add me on LinkedIn and let's stay in touch !!! We do not know what tomorrow is made of, maybe tomorrow I will help you, and you in 10 years, the network is very powerful, even if I understand it, when you are a student and especially in SAT you don't think about it...


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Pinal PATEL (MSc IMGT, 2020)
3 months ago
I am quite fortunate to know about and get inspired by Julien's journey; from being a Rennes School of Business student to a Sales Developement Representative in Seismic company of great repute. Apart from his work-related endeavors, he is also a committed, responsible, and helpful Alumni member. It is such a great pleasure for me to connect with him in a professional capacity. Thank you!

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