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Congratulations to the newly elected members of the Rennes SB Alumni Committee!

21 June 2024 Network
Published by Violaine POGEANT
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Ségolène DUGUE (PGE 9) succeeds Jack Paul DAVIDSON (PGE 1) as President of the Rennes SB Alumni Association. In this role, she will be supported by a Committee of 20 members elected for a 2-year term, until June 2026.


*  The names followed by a star are the members re-elected for a new term.


The members of the Committee, elected by contributing alumni, have elected the Board. Both bodies were presented at the Annual General Meeting held on June 20, 2024, in Paris and by videoconference.

The Board was elected from among these members:

  • PRESIDENT: Ségolène DUGUE (PGE 9)
  • VICE PRESIDENTS: Jack Paul DAVIDSON (PGE 1), Joseph DU CHALARD (PGE 27), Valentin HENRY (PGE 22), Anushka IYER (IBPM 2018), Anthony Victor MEHL (PGE 18), Florence PAINCHAUD (PGE 3), Nicolas RENAULT (PGE 4), Rémi RIVAS (PGE 17), Stéphanie WACH (PGE 15)
  • SECRETARY: Christophe DARDE (PGE 21)


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