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[Artist Alumni] : Vincent Lora-Tonet

16 May 2024 Portrait
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I joined in 1998 (P9) and spent my first 2 years on the Rennes campus, where I was involved in the Eureka fanzine (I can't remember which association I was in...) although I had asked (and been accepted) to join a Rennes association (outside the Rennes ESC), Big MOSQUITOS, which organised concerts. In particular, I helped organise Sinsémila's concert at LIBERTE.

I went to Barcelona for my third and last year at EMPRESARIALES. I was the first student from ESC Rennes to go there. When I came back to France in 2002, I joined my first band (I've had a dozen since then) and at the same time worked in telemarketing (telephone operator, telephone consultant, customer service manager, back office manager, consultant), first with a fire show company, Nagarythe, then with various companies (Dalloz, Voltalis, Bridgin).

In 2014, I took the decision to set up my own business: Ethicall, specialising in telemarketing (creating/enriching files and scripts, sales prospecting, making appointments, consultancy). Since then, I've worked with a wide range of clients, covering fields such as education, sustainable development, public works and consultancy, notably for Big 4 firms. This experience has enabled me to explore different facets of the professional world while cultivating my entrepreneurial skills.

At the same time, ever since my first freestyles in Barcelona with the group Alia 2, from which I took my name L French Où T ("el franchute" meaning "the Frenchman"), I've never stopped singing in groups (SounaLighta, Party Civile, Dubomatik, The Roots Movement, BunKaya...) and solo since the first compilations I took part in, in 2006 (Opération Ragga Dancehall and Independencehall).

In 2019, I released my first solo album, L'écrit des maux, for which I'm producer-writer and composer. This achievement was the fruit of hard work and my passion for music. I'm currently working on an ambitious new project called R3NAISSANCE 2.0, a triple album featuring R2D2, Mission MARS and H20. I've already started broadcasting some of the tracks live on my social networks and on the radio, paving the way for their official release on all platforms in May 2024.



  • Can you tell us about your job?

Mainly, my main role is to make appointments for my clients' salespeople. As far as the music is concerned, as an independent artist, I'm the only one in charge of my project, which means I have to be involved at all levels: writing, music research, recording, communication, booking dates, not forgetting the artistic performance dimension.

  • What is your greatest achievement?

My two daughters, who are now 14 and 18.

  • In your opinion, what is the value of the Alumni network?

Whatever we do and whatever our proposals are, the Alumni network makes it easier to put people in touch. According to the theory of the 6 degrees of separation, we could reach anyone on earth through a chain of 5 people. So, by joining a network, we increase our chances of reaching the people we're targeting, and the Alumni network is no exception to this rule.

  • How do you get involved in the Alumni network?

This year in Paris I attended the Alumni Day.

  • Tell us about an opportunity you had thanks to the school or the network?

If I hadn't joined Rennes School of Businnes, I wouldn't have got involved in a music association, I wouldn't have gone to live in Barcelona where I got my first experience in front of a microphone, and I certainly wouldn't have succeeded in developing all aspects of my musical project. I wouldn't be the same person without having attended this school.

  • What was your best encounter at Rennes School of Business?

One of my flat mates during my 2nd year at Rennes, Sylvain Maunoury, who has remained a very good friend to this day.

  • What advice would you give to young graduates?

To do what they want to do, what makes them happy.

  • Do you have a passion? 


  • Any thing else to add?

I'm well aware that my career path is atypical, but I dare to imagine that it could inspire students/graduates, so I'd be happy to share my experience with them and perhaps offer positions within the label I plan to create in 2025.

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