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Club Innovation - Beyond disruptive technologies: deconstructing the myths of Innovation!

Event online in French

From the OECD to Bill Gates and Emmanuel Macron, everyone is talking about innovation as THE solution to all the ills of the 21st century.


Unfortunately, while this notion has never been as central as it is today, it is also still widely misunderstood.


A catch-all term, a linguistic device, a nebulous concept, innovation and its vocabulary are everywhere, used in all sorts of ways, to say everything, and in the long run, to mean nothing at all. So much so that one wonders which company would still dare to declare itself "non-innovative" today...


On the ground, the obsession with disruptive innovation focuses efforts on production, and ignores the role of time and target populations in the disruptive process. Yet it is in the appropriation of technologies that breakthroughs take place.


But what do we really know about innovation? What are the consequences of these misunderstandings of the real challenges of innovation? How can we move beyond the sterile injunction of "disruptive tools"? And above all, what can the social sciences contribute to shed light on this discipline? How can we move away from a single, narrow vision of innovation and look at it from multiple angles?


On 30 May, we'll be putting all these questions, and many more, to our guest Alan Cohen, a designer who has been supporting innovation projects for a number of companies over the past 8 years, and a doctoral student in Cognitive and Social Sciences.


Online for an hour, accompanied by Rémi Rivas, he will talk to us about his research work and help us to better understand some of the fundamental concepts that enable innovation to move from intention to reality.


A not-to-be-missed event to round off the 2023/2024 school year in style! 



  • Prior registration required
    • Date: Wednesday, May 29 from to 12.00 pm
    • Meeting online
    • Registration mandatory
    • Free for all
Wednesday 29th May 2024
11h00 - 12h00 (GMT +2)
Registration deadline : 29th May
Online event
  • Free Free for all

UX Research & Strategy / Service Design / Adoption and Change / Cognitive and social sciences / Ergonomics / Freelance

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Wednesday 29th May 2024
11h00 - 12h00 (GMT +2)
Registration deadline : 29th May
Online event
  • Free Free for all

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